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0 Comments Preventing Bacterial Pathogens in Food Packaging interview with Marc Sanchez, JD/MS
Posted by Andy Moreno on March 21, 2013 at 5:57 PM

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Marc Sanchez, JD/M.S. Itn'l Comm. Policy, Attorney & Consultant wth Social Media, Privacy, Food/FSMA Compliance, Recalls, USDA Imports, FDA & CPSC Compliance issues.

Marc's practice in Atlanta, Georgia, focuses on product recalls, regulatory compliance, and employment law. He has a special interest and knowledge of food law and social media privacy publishing several articles and presenting throughout Washington on the topics, including FDA compliance (food and medical device), recalls, import protocols, and employee privacy.

“Preventing Bacterial Pathogens in Food Packaging”

1.Safe packaging materials and practices.
2.Steps to avoid unintended microbiological contaminants touching food packaging.
3.HACCP procedures: pest control, no sick workers handle packaging materials, ensuring no leaks or moisture build-ups in the facility. etc.
4.Packaging Issues in processed foods and fruits and vegetables: chemical recalls, labeling recalls, micro/macro biological.
5.Consumer tips regarding food packaging.


Marc C. Sanchez
Attorney & Consultant
PO Box 8292
Atlanta, GA 31106

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