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Posted by Andy Moreno on March 22, 2013 at 12:02 AM

Language Training for Primarily Spanish-Speaking Food Production Employees with Isaac Botbol, CEO and Founder, Training for Hispanics in the Workplace.
Duration: 39 minutes, 27 seconds.
For over 19 years Mr. Botbol has led his firm, Training for Hispanics in the Workplace in providing Bilingual Training leadership workshops. The workshops are specifically designed for the workplace learning needs of First Generation, non-English fluent Hispanic Team Leaders, Supervisors and Front Line employees. He received his academic training at York University in Toronto, Canada.

1. Learning styles and preferences of First Generation Hispanic front line food production employees.
2. Educational needs and issues of English-speaking managers who supervise primarily Spanish-speaking workers.
3. Safety and Hispanics in the workplace.
4. Communication issues with their supervisors, pay and monetary bonus for good performance, and lack of training on safety, health, and skills.
5. Increase the efficiency of Spanish-speaking workers
6. Avoidance of discrimination/harassment issues.
5. The firm’s products and services.


Isaac Botbol
CEO & Founder
Training for Hispanics in the Workplace
Dallas, TX

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