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0 Comments How a Food Production Facility Designs a Pest Control Plan with Steven Graff
Posted by Andy Moreno on March 22, 2013 at 1:52 PM

How a Food Production Facility Designs a Pest Control Plan with Steven Graff of Abell Pest Control, Inc.
Duration: 33 minutes, 12 seconds.

Steven Graff is the Quality Assurance Manager for Abell Pest Control Inc., a company with over 85 years industry presence. Abell Pest Control Inc. is a Canadian based company consisting of service branches located across Canada and the northern United States. Steven holds an Honours Biological Science degree from the University Of Guelph, Ontario, Canada with specialization in Wildlife Biology. He has been an employee with Abell Pest Control for 15 years with 4 years work experience as a Service Technician and 11 years experience within the Quality Assurance Department.

Steven’s main role is to ensure the quality of Abell’s services through directing his team of Auditors and Field Trainers, and developing company-training programs. Technical development, Client training, assessing and developing Client pest management programs, and special projects in Integrated Pest Management are also part of Steven’s responsibilities.


1. Steven Graff’s education, training and background.
2. Analyzing the potential for pest issues in a food production facility.
3. The crafting of a pest control plan throughout a facility.
4. How to assess the risk of pest control issues.
5. Establishing critical limits through scientific methods and documentation.
6. Validating the pest control service and team.
7. Documenting the pest control policy, including training, mandatory review dates, and governmental requirements.
8. Abell Group’s products and services.


Steven Graff
Quality Assurance Manager
246 Attwell Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9W 5B4
(416) 675-3305 x3329
F:(416) 675-6727

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