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0 Comments Food Temperature and Monitoring with Timestrip's Dan Hafen
Posted by Andy Moreno on October 12, 2010 at 2:54 AM

Food Temperature and Monitoring with Timestrip's Dan Hafen

Duration: 29 minutes, 57 seconds.
Driving Awareness & Accountability: Timestrip® Plus™ irreversible indicators monitor the accumulated time that a product has been exposed to excessive temperature. The pressure-sensitive label is highly accurate, cost-effective, and easy to use throughout the supply chain.


1. Introduction to the Timestrip® Smart Temperature Labels.
2. Tracking of temperature exposure of food in transit.
3. Tracking ambient air temperatures.
4. Temperature indicators in each food container, case or pallet level
5. End-user temperature data download.
6. Cost of the labels…backend cold chain logistics issues…
7. Goal: Transparent accountability for safe food products.


Dan Hafen
Director of Sales & Marketing
11652 Custer Rd #110 Suite 252
Frisco, TX 75035
(214) 263-5793

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