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China Business Culture Seminars

AME Certified Laboratories offers an exclusive, in-residence training seminar program in China.

The program allows seminar attendees to study Chinese Business Customs while in residence in China while also interning in business organizations of the attendee's selection during the course of the seminar.

The seminar agenda for the two (2) week in-residence course on Chinese Business Customs:


  • Day 1-FRI-fly to Beijing, airport (PEK) pick-up service and travel to the hotel and dinner reception (Group)
  • Day 2-SAT-Meet the company where the internship positions are placed in the morning, lunch buffet
  • Day 3-SUN-Training Part I: 
    • Business etiquette, protocols, social systems, rules, laws, lunch and dinner buffet
  • Day 4-Mon-Internship
  • Day 5-Tue-Internship
  • Day 6-Wed-Internship
  • Day 7-THU-Internship
  • Day 8-FRI-Internship
  • Day 9-SAT-Training Part II: 
    • WeChat
    • QQ
    • Financial issues
    • Chinese visas policies
    • Housing rent
    • Food choices
    • Shopping
    • Chinese mandarin language
  • Day 10-SUN-Scenery Trip: Great Wall, lunch in the scenery countryside
  • Day 11-Mon-Internship
  • Day 12-Tue-Internship
  • Day 13-Wed-Internship
  • Day 14-THU-Internship
  • Day 15-FRI-Internship
  • Day 16-SAT-Free activity-See-off dinner (Group)
  • Day 17-SUN-PEK Airport send-off

Further details about the seminar's particulars and specific customizable features are available upon inquiry.

Services and fees for each person to be quoted for each seminar attendee.

Costs do not include airfare to and from China, passport and visitor VISA fees charged by the Chinese government. 

Every seminar attendee received these honored USA/China lapel pins, name tags, and certificates. 

Flyer describing program:  Learn Chinese Business Culture in China-Flyer-07-14-2018.pdf

For further information, contact:

Jon Crawford
International Seminar Manager
AME Certified Laboratories
Fresno, CA  USA
Cell: 575-640-2760