AME Certified Laboratories: In-house Food Pathogen Screening

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AME Certified Laboratories Food Pathogen Outbreak Rapid Response Team

24/7/365 Outbreak Response Capability for Food Production Clients
Client Support Team:
-Food Safety Inspectors
-Portable Food Testing Equipment
-PCR Testing for Human Pathogens:
  -E. coli spp.
  -Salmonella spp.
  -Listeria spp.

Voluntary/Involuntary Recall Response
Interface with Regulatory Agencies
Pre-Positioned Public Responses
Review of Internal Activities
Validation of Methods
Proper Response Requirements
Consultation on Options and Responses
Third-Party laboratory test result data interpretation
Testing/Validation of:
  -Irrigation Water
  -Product Wash Water
  -Environmental locations
  -Finished Products


AME directly interfaces with:
-US FDA Inspectors
-US CDC Epidemiologists
-State Public Health Agents
-Third-party laboratory testing results interpretation

AME supports clients with:
-Experienced Food Safety Inspectors
-PCR Food Testing technologies
-Rapid, accurate reports and reviews


For more information, contact:Andy Moreno
Microbiological Surveillance Systems Engineer
AME Certified Laboratories
Cell: 559-827-8245
Linkedin: Andy Moreno
Founder: Food Pathogen Outbreak/Recall Response Group
Skype: andyzmoreno